You handle the stuff you're good at.

We'll handle the rest.

We show you

We can teach you how to effectively do your own bookkeeping

Running a small business is a challenge. Especially the financial areas if you are not a trained accountant.

However, no need to fear.

Our “We show you” package covers the DIY bookkeepers out there who just want to make sure they are complying with everything they need to do, along with building systems to save them time and help their business run more smoothly.

How we can help

We can show you how to effectively run the finance section of your business either through one of our workshops, 1 on 1 training, or a mixture of both.

If you have questions contact us below and we can help advise the best way to get you up to speed.

We show you

We do with you

Stay on top of your bookkeeping while we work alongside you

This package is perfect for the Kinaesthetic learner. We created this service for businesses that want to make sure all their bookkeeping is in order while learning best practice bookkeeping as they go.

How we can help

Each month your business has, sales invoicing, billing, expense management, GST returns, payroll, reporting… this list goes on. With our “We do with you” package we work with you to work out what “you can do”, “what you want us to do” and “what you need help learning how to do”.

This service is perfect for the growing business that isn’t ready to bring on an accounts person, but needs to partner with someone on their team that can help balance the load as they grow.

We do for you

You’re too busy growing your business but the books…well that’s another story

Your business is growing, work is coming out your ears but so is the paperwork. You want to know your accounts are all in order, your invoices are being paid, your bills are being paid on time, so you can focus on what your good at.

How we can help

Not only will we take care of all your bookkeeping pain points, in our “We do for you” package we can add on a whole lot more that will help you understand your business even better. From preparing budgets, cashflow management, fixed asset management, monthly reporting, Profit and Loss drill downs to goal setting and risk analysis. We can tailor the “We do for you” uniquely to the needs of your business. Just call us your very own CFO without the expense of hiring your own.

Contact us below to schedule a discovery call.

We do for you

Do the mahi.

Ditch the paperwork.

Scaling and growing your business isn’t a solo mission, you’re going to need to start building your team around you to help you realise your goals.