September, 2020

Tips to survival while working from home

We are in testing times with COVID 19 resurfacing, meaning possibly more lockdowns resulting in business owners and their office staff working from home.

Working from home (virtually) can be a challenge for most, so being a virtual service we have decided to share some top tips for being organised and staying motivated whilst working from home.

Normally we offer our services from our office hub (which is in Lisa’s house) but like everyone else during Level 4 lockdown we had to remain in our own homes, which for us was also an adjustment.

Our top tips to survival while working from home:

  • Zoom with your office buddies– you can have the other person or people on video, so you don’t feel so lonely, this keeps communication open and a friendly face present. Its almost like still being together
  • Make sure the jug is always hot – Coffee, coffee, coffee
  • Set yourself a to do list for each day and check it off as you go ( is a great app as it can be shared with the whole team)
  • Have pre planned meals so you don’t find yourself taking huge breaks to cook food now you have that available
  • If you have children learn their routine, for example my 11 month old son has one sleep at 9:30 am for around 2 hours so I work before he wakes up 4:30am – 7:30am then he plays happily till his nap time and then I finish my day at 12:30 because he has his cranky time between 2pm-7pm
  • If you don’t have children have a set start time, just like your going to work. I good way to stay accountable is Zoom in at the same time with a workmate every morning, that way you will be there and be dressed (lol)
  • Set yourself rewards– like if you do 3 hours of work you can have a snack or get some fresh air for 10 minutes

If you are a business owner and at your wits end with all your paperwork and office work from home give us a call for a no obligation chat

Stay safe team and don’t let COVID get you down, chin up and happy officing from the comfort of your own home 😊

Damn good advice.

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